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According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute, 50 percent to 80 percent of men age 21 to 49 say they've received it in the past year.

That’s all why stuff, however, and you asked how to feel less invisible. The first is to go out and try to meet men on your own, sans friends, sans “competition.” The second is to be proactive.

Don’t wave your appletini around and whisper-scream with your downcast eyes, “Look at me!

As a male, I sometimes imagine being bisexual, and I'd be much more receptive to being that way if you, Anna, were overseeing the situation. But my “strategy” can be summed up thusly: Get drunk and see what happens. Here’s what I would try if the aforementioned tip doesn’t interest you. Second, work threesomes and bisexuality into your conversational topics as much as possible.

I'm in good health with an experience of 67 times around the sun! —Bi Guy Try Dear BGT, It’s great that you’re exploring your bisexuality, and at 67 years young! Talk about bisexual stereotypes and segue into threesomes to gauge their interest and history.

“Speaking of (tri-tip sandwiches, the latest poly trend piece, the Eiffel Tower), have y’all ever had a threesome before? You can have your cake and eat it too because that's the whole point of cake, why would you just possess a cake for eternity?