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- Taken from National Geographic London Book of Lists: The City's Best, Worst, Oldest, Greatest, and Quirkiest (National Geographic Books; ISBN 978-1-4262-1382-3) by Tim Jepson and Larry Porges.

Stroll along the Thames, thumb the used books on sale, watch the skateboarders and pretend you own the city.

Sure it's not the most original date idea, but staying in and watching a movie can be tons of fun (and a great excuse to cozy up to your crush! Invite another couple to join you for a low-key double date and pop in a hilarious or super-scary flick.

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However, it's surprisingly intimate atmosphere is frequented by fun people, including lots of couples, looking for a good deal — the $4 shot and beer special, namely — as well as a good time.

Plus, they'll often offer you a taco in addition to the drinks, making it the perfect cheap, fun date for a couple who wants to explore more spots in the city.

The Hitching Company offers a unique variety of tours in both cities.

#4 – Pop Art Free Ink Day at Highpoint Center for Print Making – Minneapolis, MN This free date idea will allow you to use your love as a creative muse!

As local Minnesotans, this badge of honor is no surprise, as we know how beautiful St.