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With the Robin mantle still not filled after the predecessor's death, Batman finally acknowledged Tim's skill and offered him the position. E., Tim donned a new Red Robin suit and returned to the world of crime fighting, forming the new Teen Titans to combat N. After being forced to fight Red Hood in a match that was supposed to be to the death, Tim and the other Robins managed to fend off the Court of Owls and their army of Talons, clearing their names and allowing the We Are Robin movement to return to the streets.Tim declined, however, finding that taking the name of a fallen hero was disrespectful, and chose to act under a moniker known as Red Robin. Though Tim expressed disappointment that Dick had kept the secret of his plan from the rest of them, Dick apologized, emphasizing the lengths he went through to protect his Robin family.

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Click for more photographs The A-Team: If you watched TV shows as a kid in the 80's, then you will know exactly who the A-Team are.

He announced on live television that he would be leaving his duties as co-host of E! Doing that, you don't really have the flexibility to do other projects.

I'm excited to now be in a place where I can balance and do different things and wake up feeling challenged.

He said Jenkins' acting chops will surprise moviegoers."I think people will be able to see him in a new way....