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"Statistically, the system we use does a very good job - we are looking at a 20 per cent top one match rate on average - but the results here were inconclusive.

"According to our analysis, these two faces don't match any more closely than two other random members of the public on the street.'' He said an apparent deformity of the right eyelid, visible on the naked woman, was not detected in pictures of Ms Hanson, who is standing for election in the state seat of Beaudesert this weekend.

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The quality of matches are the best of all the sites.

However it is the same old story, the guys that I find attractive are not interested in me and the guys who I don't keep contacting me. I kinda like that geeky look, as long as there is confidence behind them.

All were run through a computer database containing a random sample of 1700 Caucasian women, dubbed Faces in the Wild, which employs digital face-matching technology currently being developed for use by police in the United Kingdom.

"There's no strong match signal in the photos we've compared, nothing that we can detect to suggest these two women are the same person,'' the professor told au yesterday.

So I never had a match, and was not even allowed to redo it a few months later when I was in the right frame of mind.