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On News she mentioned "I had high-heeled boots on...

It was a huge fight with the producer, because I did have to do a lot of running.

Shortly before, she indicated that she'd been keeping up with ITVBe reality TV show The Only Way Is Marbs.

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The female salmon’s journey starts in the salt-water ocean.

Women throw themselves into dating, repeatedly meeting the same type of guy, hoping that sex creates a more committed relationship, or putting all their faith into one guy at a time while having short relationships that sadly fail time and time again…kind of like swimming upstream and running into the obstacles that the female salmon has to fight to survive.

I'm 5-2, and I have never, ever been on film in my entire career without having height. No, I need my high heels." said on 29/Jul/12 I think 5'1" is nearer, maybe even 5'0.5".

In this shot she appears shorter than 5'1.75"/157cm listed Lucy Liu, although Liu is closer to the camera and seems to be wearing a slightly bigger heel: Click Here She was also way shorter than 5'10" James Franco when she was dating him.

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