Sara beeny dating

It's the really good companies that do what they said they were going to do and I find that really inspiring - the businesses that do not faff around with what they say.

We have a winner for our latest Live Rent Free competition.

First-round bids of between £10m and £15m were submitted earlier this month, primarily by rival online dating businesses, but some private equity firms are also interested.

The lucky winner of a month’s free rent (courtesy of us) and an i Pad (courtesy of Sarah Beeny’s is Natalie Ross.

Natalie lives in LS13 (Leeds) so wins £320.66 – taking the total we’ve given away so far to £20,327.17. I’m sharing at the moment so I can afford to live somewhere a bit nicer than I could afford on my own.

29 year-old Kimberley is actually doing it, having bought the “shell” of an old Dutch barge for £18,000.

Sarah Beeny travelled the world and worked in a kaleidoscope of jobs before becoming a TV presenter.

In her irreverent and witty guide to modern dating, Sarah takes the reader through the dating minefield offering tips, advice and reassurance along the way.