Saxparserfactory setvalidating true

Sets the particular feature in the underlying implementation of sax. A list of the core features and properties can be found at All implementations are required to support the is non-null, a parser will use a validator created from it to validate documents before it passes information down to the application.

Yet to be of any use, it is important that the application validate against a known schema, which, until JAXP 1.2, was easier said than done.

For instance, how do you associate a document to its schema in a portable way?

Java supports two complementary APIs for processing an XML document: The support in JDK 5.0 is for DOM level 3 and for SAX version 2.0.2.

JDK 5.0 also supports XSLT version 1.0, where XSL is the Extensible Stylesheet Language and T is Transformations-a language for transforming one XML document into another, or into some other textual representation such as HTML.

If a document validates against a schema, it conforms to a vocabulary that the application recognizes.