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A storm knocks Marcus and Octavia off the road and into a cabin.

next time someone has a comment like guest #3, keep it to yourself. Hes had girlfriends before but some other things kinda show that he could also be gay. Just saying I know the article is about Mitch, but it talks of Mitch being one of two gay members of Pentatonix. Two members of the group are openly gay, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying." - He's bi, he dates boys and girls regularly.

you have no idea what gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people already have to go through. We know it's not Kirsty (Just broken up with her boyfriend), and we know it's not Avi (Same with his girlfriend) which leaves Scott or Kevin. He's open about the fact that he's bi that's why you can find links about him and Mitch being openly gay.

Run.” Pentatonix have conquered the world and moved on.

An accident leaves Mitch in a hospital, and Scott completely alone with only the truth, anger and a bottle.

"How about this: what are the odds we can get out of here alive?


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