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Aiming to “meet men where they are at,” some AIDS service organizations (ASOs) deliver online outreach services via sociosexual Internet sites and mobile apps.

From December 2013 to January 2014, MISM aged 16 years or older were recruited from Internet sites, mobile apps, and ASOs across Ontario to complete a 15-minute anonymous online questionnaire regarding their experience of online outreach.

Demographic factors associated with encountering online outreach were assessed using backward-stepwise multivariable logistic regression (POf 1830 MISM who completed the survey, 8.25% (151/1830) reported direct experience with online outreach services.

Encountering online outreach was more likely for Aboriginal versus white MISM, MISM from Toronto compared with MISM from either Eastern or Southwestern Ontario, and MISM receiving any social assistance.

He then drove to a motel in Stafford, where he was met by police and arrested.