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James Airey is campaigning to return the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency to the Conservatives following its Liberal Democrat rule since 2005.

With his name on the Tory ticket, the farmer and longstanding county politician claims the area, considered a safe yellow seat, is winnable for the Conservatives at the June 8 general election.

SIR – With record employment, record low inflation, record low interest rates and faster growth than any other advanced economy, George Osborne did not need to pull rabbits out of his Budget hat.

Allotted the task of aligning the economic and political cycles before May, he did so without “taking public spending back to the levels of the 1930s” – just to where it was before Gordon Brown began to think he’d conquered “boom and bust”.

Mr Farron went on to win twice more; in 20 - with the seat now considered one of the Liberal Democrat party's safest UK seats.