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Lynda Burrill (Lynda), age 18, lived with roommates in Placerville and was acquainted with the girls who lived in the foster home.

Her clothes were found on April 30, 1985, near the location where her body had been found.

Her body was found in the El Dorado National Forest on August 4, 1984.

On November 26, 1985, defendant Michael Anthony Cox was sentenced to death for the 1984 first degree murders of three teenage girls — Denise Galston, her sister Debbie Galston, and Lynda Burrill — with the special circumstance of multiple murder. She disappeared on June 29, 1984 and was last seen with defendant.

Joanna, who was Debbie’s roommate at the home, found her clothes in the El Dorado National Forest on August 10, 1984.