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It should be the efforts which are over and above what is normally displayed, over a period of time that should be merited.

Merits will be monitored at various times of the year and rewards put in place for pupils.

Your attention is brought to clause 8 below which limits the liability of staffbay and to Clause 5 relating to changes to these terms and conditions terms and Conditions 1.

The definitions and rules of interpretation in this clause apply to these terms and conditions.

Its not just down to Walter Scott heroines either as the very countryside its rivers, forests and hills has an indefinable quality of calm and gentility. If you expect to find castles and great houses on our list you wont find youre wrong (and one even has its own brewery! But there are smaller hotels, spa hotels, and country house hotels aplenty on offer here if battlements and turrets are not exactly your cup of tea.