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You should have seen how Joan’s face lit up when the discussion on same-sex parties started during the college break time hour. If this is be the case, it wouldn’t be the first time such a party is taking place in Nairobi as same-sex parties have been going on for quite some time following a new international trend being used to popularise same sex relationships. In fact, ask any college girl if she hasn’t tried to hook up with a female lover even if it was just a matter of experimenting,” Joan, the 21-year-old communications student went on, confessing that she was introduced to lesbianism back in high school where she says nearly half the girls are gay. This is where lesbianism is introduced to innocent girls.

She sprung into life, her partner – also a girl – on her side. As a matter of fact, another party that had been christened Rainbow Speed Dating (LGBT Speed) took place in Boston some few months ago. In girls’ schools, it is almost normal to find everyone with a partner,” she notes adding that after graduating from high school, she was introduced to a group she referred to as Nairobi LGBT 2015.

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“ I am a well manicured female that has always thought of herself as a lesbian.

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