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His best friend, Adam, points out that Mitch has a boner.Jess, Blaire’s friend, is there, too, along with their wisecracking pal, Ken.

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Each perpetrator relies on different tools and techniques to victimize unsuspecting users. Some instances are entirely malware-based, whereas others exploit users’ sensibilities with the help of social engineering techniques.

Here’s the story of one attack that pivoted on a Skype scam.

THERESA MAY AND Jeremy Corbyn faced questions from angry voters in a live BBC programme yesterday.

Prime Minister and Conservative leader May was accused of “broken promises” for calling an early election for 8 June after she had repeatedly said she would not, and for a U-turn on a key manifesto pledge on elderly social care.

One day, Samir, (Not his real name.) a young Palestinian man living abroad, receives a friend request from a girl on Facebook. During their chat, the two have their webcams turned on but only talk via chat.