Sharepoint 2016 site usage report not updating

In fact, I feel the Share Point 2007 Site Usage Reports were significantly more useful and insightful; what was initially displayed in the web-based report could be exported to Excel for more thorough analysis.

sharepoint 2016 site usage report not updating-81

The default usage reports available through Share Point 2013, 2016, and Online are the Popularity Trends and Most Popular Items reports.

They’re somewhat limited in the data they provide, but they can be useful when proving the utility of your Share Point site(s).

In the Popularity and Search Reports you can click on the Usage report which will launch an Excel workbook.

What I found with 2 customers and one of my lab farms was that the Usage report contained all zeroes for data even though the customer (and me in my lab farm) had been using the site regularly with multiple accounts over the past few days.

The usage activity dashboard has been updated with a new card that provides you with a high-level summary of the user file activity within all your Share Point Online team sites.