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The X Peak hardware is as standard (at least in my X6000): Pentium 4 2.8GHz (SL6PF), 512MB in two 256MB DIMMS, 128MB compact flash card (Sandisk 'industrial'! Just flash the nanobsd image onto a CF card stick it in the slot and away she goes.

).3X Intel 82547GI Gig Ether, 7X Intel 82551ER 10/100 Ether, USB 2.0, 2X DB9 Com ports. This is lucky since as there's no PCI slot it's difficult to get into the BIOS to change the boot settings.

Here are my vitals: ASUS A7V333BIOS version 1005 (set to pnp OS & 'No' to update ESCD)Athlon 1.4Windows XP Home ASUS 8200 GF3Ti Audigy SCDLink Network Card512 RAM (@166)IBM 40 GB HDLatest & greatest drivers for all The system works fine--but I worry because this ESCD thing preceeded the death of my first ASUS A7V333.

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I've labled those which have pins to avoid any confusion. The labling on the board practically non-existant and there's no mention of it on Advantech's site. Like the Core its doesn't shutdown properly and when it halts it uses more power than when it's running!

I guess in a rack you don't want to have go around switching everything on. The box draws aroung 85-90W at boot and around 55W at idle.

The proposed rule was known to the trade as both the ‘Importer Security Filing proposal’ and the ‘10 2 proposal’.

The name “10 2” is shorthand for the number of advance data elements CBP will collect.

pf Sense just hangs with timeouts if you enable it.


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