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However, they just disappear into a building for a few hours, which leaves you either fast forwarding time until they get home (and get down to the good stuff) or managing the lives of other family members.

Showtime offers some new professions that make “watching work” a bit more engaging.

Next, when there is a ghost alert have your sim go to that house and catch the ghosts. Make a sim pet pee by the tv and then use the solar flare karma power then make the sim fix the tv then it will die and become a blue ghost.

Once you get to a certain number of ghosts, the houses will be unlocked. First you press the start button then press LB, LT, RT, RB at the same exact time.... During gameplay press the ' Start' button to bring up the ' Pause' menu and then press LT, LB, RT, RB simultaneously to enable this feature.

You can choose to accept the opportunities and complete them for a reward, or decline them with no negative consequences.