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A busy life on the road can get lonely even for those already in committed marriages and relationships.

However, starting new relationships can be even more difficult when you’re always en route.

Online dating works much more effectively to almost “shop” for the people that might just become your next someone special.

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A friend once said, 'you're content with the love you already have from your family.''' MS WEE LE FONG, 40 The main reason for delaying marriage is "competing life goals", she says, such as a prolonged period in formal education and career. In the Marriage and Parenthood Study 2012, a survey commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division, 83 per cent of single respondents indicated that they wanted to get married.

She adds: "When you're older, you're also more likely to know what you want and less likely to compromise." The median age for first-time grooms in Singapore rose from 29.1 years in 2003 to 30.2 years in 2013. If so many people want to put a ring on it, why is it not happening?

If it turns into a LTR that's fine but if not that's fine...

I'm working full time job as a Paraprofessional at Crest School with Special kids and also bus aide.

The number of singles also rose across all ages surveyed, but the sharpest spike was in the 50s age group.


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