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Meetups in the last year have included wellie walks in Leigh Woods, ball games on The Downs, Puxton Park, Wild Place, Clearwell Caves, riverside walks, body boarding in Porthcawl, and camping trips.

We appreciate that for many single parents childcare can be difficult, but for those who are able we also put up childfree meetups in the evenings … The group considers ‘single parents’ to be those who are no longer in a relationship with the other parent of their child, for whatever reason.

They do not have to be ‘single’ and they do not have to be the primary caregiver.

This is a closed group and we reserve the right to approve all new members, so please add a full description of why you are interested in joining the group.

The popularity of online dating is increasing and the number of single people meeting their partners online is growing proportionally.