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The atrium was rearranged into the exhibition venue by the architect , when a glass roof was constructed in 1986–1991.The Association of Employers of Slovenia (ZDS) is the first voluntary economic association in Slovenia representing and protecting the interests of employers.A Late Baroque mansion dating to the late 18th century known as Šenek Mansion with a chapel dedicated to Saint Florian and its surrounding park to the northeast of the settlement is one of the municipality's major landmarks.) and belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Celje.

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The ceiling paintings are a work of , dating in 1885, while the main staircase is decorated with lying statues, made by Graz sculptor Viet Königer.

They were removed from the Novo Celje Castle after the Second World War.

In the last decade the cinema exhibition industry in Slovenia has gone through a complete metamorphosis and Kolosej has played a key role with an active approach to their development.

Since 2001, when the first Kolosej opened, several other multiplexes opened in Slovenia, covering most regions in the country.

The museum, located in the town centre of Ljubljana near Tivoli Park, gained from the Austrian government at its establishment the In 1944 the national history collections were separated from the National Museum to become the Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana.