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If for any reason you’re still not seeing your updated content, just open a Live Chat (available 24/7) with our Support Team from within your User Portal, and we’re glad to help out further.

You have figured out how to write a post, how to make a few categories, and maybe even add a plugin or two. Sometimes when you first visit a web page, it takes a while to load.

Hi, First of all, first post so greetings to you all!

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During the last few weeks I have experienced a problem with upload. The upload appears to be successful in the log but the new file doesn't replace the old one.

I can upload brand new files without difficulty but I simply can't replace/update an existing file.

The CDN takes the files that don’t change frequently, like CSS and Java Script, and stores them across our global network.

This means that your visitors will be served files from servers that are closest to them in the network. Just log in to, click on the site you wish to edit, and click on the “PURGE CACHE” button.

I have tried to update a CSS file (previously had file type set to Auto but also tried with ASCII, per a suggestion elsewhere) and it just won't update!