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It is just that Tamara is the new face (and body) of Ultimo swimwear.

The two gangly society beauties take after their mother Slavica Radic, a former Armani model, rather than their diminutive father, whose reported personal fortune of £1.5bn more than makes up for what he lacks in stature.

What daughter of marriageable age would not appreciate a bit of help from her dad with buying a new home?

But despite their looks and good fortune, the sisters are known for having their heads screwed on.

"The most important thing Dad has taught us is that money isn't everything," Tamara said in an interview in 2005.

We’re here to discuss her blowdry bar company Show (which among other things makes “hair fragrance”), but much of what Tamara, 31, says is drowned out by the mechanical churning of a supermarket Peppa Pig ride transplanted into their sitting room and driven with joyous screams by Sophia.

Outside in the garden there’s a child-size replica of the house (although I suspect that it doesn’t have the £1 million crystal bath, bowling alley or hair salon), which is somehow fitting because Tamara’s, set in the security zone of Kensington Gardens, is a sort of Barbie Versailles itself.

‘I’d like to marry, but I want to concentrate on my career first [a line of hair products], as does he.’ Her TV career to date has included fronting the Red Bull air race and presenting the Formula 1 coverage for GMTV.