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Jaja tops Virgil for top Team Street member, and Gaby bests Hailee on Team Stage -- and if, on the wild off-chance this show returns, let's hope they leave this manufactured nonsense behind -- with Gaby winning $250,000 and the opportunity to dance for Jennifer Lopez (who I guess couldn't be bothered to provide a generic "Congratulations, winner! You may remember Gaby as the dancer who the judges didn't like on her first audition, so she tried again, making her solo "less busy" as they suggested and giving the judges the chance to pat themselves on the back for the rest of the season for selecting Gaby due to her gumption.

I guess they don't want to examine too closely the fact that maybe they infallible when it comes to identifying talent?

I have danced with some pretty terrible dancers, but I still had fun! Who cares though, If I am going out on the dance floor I'm sure just not going to do the head bob and grind.

I like to fake particular moves while making faces alternating between a matador and a male figure skater who just won his division, just so I get weird and mixed reactions. The art of dancing without particular dancing skills in my opinion is to be deliberate within your talent and do nothing abrupt until you've got the kinks worked out.

In 2015, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE celebrated seven Emmy Award nominations, including repeat nods in the categories of Outstanding Reality - Competition Series and Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Program (Cat Deeley).