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Using Catalyst Prepare and a Storyboard export has the same missing data issue. Clearly the data is not missing since device explorer gets it right.

When viewing with Catalyst Prepare, there is a noticeable audio gap as play proceeds from one clip to the next (storyboard view). I believe the same issue happens for all AVC based cameras though. Did you record the entire 30 minutes without pressing the Stop button?

I used to think it was due to a mis-match between the GUI settings and the actual rendering engine.

So I'd set a value outside the range of the rendering engine, Vegas let me, but the engine itself kicked it out. But they're just being lazy here, not returning any sort of useful error code. Could be the same problem I guessed at -- we're clearly running new version of the Main Concept CODECs, since these support GPU acceleration, the old ones don't. GPU-accelerated rendering with the Main Concept AVC format GPU-accelerated rendering with the Main Concept AVC format can fail if your system has an NVIDIA CUDA driver but no NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPU is installed.

If the program crashed while editing your project and you been doing regular saves, you can end up losing all your work!