South beach tow christie and perez dating

She was worried about his reaction, of course—his single daughter who, as far as he knew, was not dating anyone being pregnant, well, that was probably the last thing he was expecting to have to confront. And, within seconds of absorbing just the fact that his daughter was pregnant, he was confronting Perez.

Everyone, of course, was wondering if Perez was the baby-daddy.

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Robbie's efforts to bring Christie back to Tremont are thwarted by an explosive attack.? Robbie and Jerome get more than they bargained for when attempting to tow a limo from a busy hotel.?

Larry and Perez crash Tremont with a shocking ultimatum.

Three weeks after her promotion to General Manager, Christie is faced with Tremont's biggest crisis yet.

Meanwhile, the honeymoon's over for newlywed Jerome, and Kosgrove pays the price for his indulgent lifestyle.

With only 72 hours until Tremont's eviction, Christie scrambles to raise the funds to move the company to a new facility.