Speed dating research todd 2016

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The cord-cutting storm continues to gather momentum, and the forecast is bad news for traditional cable, satellite and telco TV operators — and their programming suppliers. Meanwhile, “virtual” pay-TV services delivered over the internet like Dish’s Sling TV and AT&T’s Direc TV Now didn’t help stop the overall sector from shrinking in 2016.

pay-TV providers lost around 1.9 million subscribers last year, according to the latest research from Kagan, a unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

From them, we know the following: Orr had very little warning of the attack.

“When I first saw the Grizzly and her two cubs of the year, they were approximately 70-80 yards away, and ran immediately into the timber upon seeing me…When I saw her charge from the trees, she was closer than before, so approximately 50-60 yards.

After the session, in which each potential pair of subjects met briefly and recorded their interest in dating one another again, the researchers compared what they said they were looking for with what they actually did.