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Whole Foods Market is largely responsible for mainstreaming healthy eating. Global talent recruiter Andres Traslavina shares what it takes to become a member of the team. The best candidates are aware of what they do better than anyone, and they know what their weaknesses are. Every candidate for every role goes through this process.Its stores are not only stocked with locally sourced, organic produce, but they emit a cool vibe — from their modern, hip interiors to their charismatic employees. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company now has 381 stores in the U. We do all of this because finding the right fit is the most important aspect of hiring a new employee.

Speed dating whole foods

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Inspired by this triumph, Knox set up shop again at the West 4th station on Tuesday evening, this time with an added twist: Connect Four!

While the idea of a date on the subway might seem sketchy at first blush, Knox told Thrillist he's not looking for love -- though he's certainly open to it.

We're growing rapidly, and our goal is to have 1,200 stores in the U. Each candidate sits in front of a manager, a recruiter, and select employees, and answers questions.