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We are one of 13 schools statewide to be given a PBIS Platinum Award! We are a 2017 California Honor Roll school, presented by Educational Results Partnership and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence.

Dance With Stacey has been educating students in Nashville and surrounding areas in the performing arts for over 20 years.

In the summer of 2004 we relocated from the south Nashville/Nolensville Road area to the great city of Smyrna, and was made to feel welcome immediately.

The kindergarten teacher says she strives to make learning fun, exciting and entertaining for each one of her students.

Anderson because she's very nice," said Prosper Adeyemo, a student in Mrs. Anderson says her teaching philosophy is to never stop learning."I've learned that I'm never going to stop learning," said Anderson.

She has put her life, not to mention her job, on the line structuring an arts program and also teaches many of the dance classes.