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The lawsuit reads: "Hatcher's name, image and likeness have been linked to so many competitors' products that it is anyone's guess as to what product keeps her skin and lips youthful." Hydroderm is seeking Hatcher's $2.4 million salary, unspecified damages and its legal costs.

» Teri Hatcher is publicly supporting her Desperate Housewives co-star Eva Longoria after she was verbally abused while serving up pizza to striking writers.

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, opens up to Prevention about the series of health issues she’s faced this past year including cracked ribs and a “frozen shoulder.” Despite her setbacks, this no ordinary housewife shares the details on finding a man, where she stands on plastic surgery, and which foods she chooses to indulge on. I was at the highest rung of the ladder in my Uggs when I slipped and fell midback onto the corner of the stage. Then I broke two ribs on the DH set while I was doing a pole-dancing scene.

This is basically the journey: When I turned forty-five, I was in amazing shape. I was spray painting the backdrop of a castle and a town for the musical Into the Woods for my daughter’s birthday.

“Baron and Teri really hit it off,” said a friend of the TV beauty. As for Teri’s relationship with Stephen, another friend of the star says, “I think she hasn’t had her heart in it for a while.