Submissive woman dating

As far as I am concerned, I actually prefer a woman to be a partner, and half of the team.The submissive part in the bedroom is always fun, but there are times when I need the woman to take control.Of course, women don’t want to be raped; this is an act of violence and power, not one of love.

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I do know men that would prefer a submissive woman.

They are typically the guys who like to argue every little point and would rather everyone let them have their way. My preferance is to be with a confident woman who has no problem holding her own in the workplace, bedroom, or life in general.

Western cultures have the same bias with regards to assertiveness being better than obedience, but there is less pressure for women to be obedient.

Strangely however, Western religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism have similar expectations of obedience from women as do Eastern cultures.

This is not about abuse and power, as in most of these novels (and fantasies), the couple ends up married and living “happily ever after.”So what’s the truth here, at least from a psychological perspective?