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So either make sure you are paying attention in class, or make friends with people that look like they're really into the class. They usually have separate office hours, apart from the professor's. Not only will that mean that the TA will know who you are, in a large class, but you'll probably get a better sense of what you missed in class. Actually, there is one thing that pisses TAs off more... Your TA would get into the mother of all troubles if they fooled around with you. Z., I'm really sorry I was not able to make it to section today.

Teaching assistants are, more often than not, going to become professors in the future. [INSERT YOUR EXCUSE HERE - DO NOT SAY YOUR GRANDMA DIED].

This sounds like it's an obvious one, but you'd be amazed. It's important to not leave the class with lingering questions. There's literally hundreds of hot people out there. I've gotten many similar emails from clueless students who don't realize they're asking whether my class was a complete waste of time. In the future, if something else comes up and you can't make it to section, don't sweat it! As a general rule, never imply to your TA that you don't think they discuss anything important during class. However, most of us actually do understand that shit happens and sometimes you just can't make it to a class.

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Until recently people thought that autism was quite rare but with better diagnosis experts now think that as many as one in a hundred people are autistic and possibly even more.

So I feel it's very important to raise awareness of autism so that people can learn more about it.

But watching the programme highlights that living with autism is not just a challenge for the children who are diagnosed, but that it affects the whole family.