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Dolly Parton has worked her way up in the music business to become a legendary country music icon, but despite her success she has kept her private life out of the public view – until now!

The premiere episode of this season of Parton, 71, has been married for more than 50 years to hubby Carl Dean. “People always ask me if I’ve had extramarital affairs, and you can draw your own conclusions,” said Parton.

Parton’s candour in her book does not extend to her 46-year marriage, neglecting to mention that she and Dean have separate homes and effectively live separate lives.

They have not been seen together in public for years.

The multi-millionaire entertainer, whose stage musical based on her hit song Nine To Five is touring Britain until July, dances around the truth behind her unorthodox marriage to husband Carl Dean and her sadness at never having had children.