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Go to the cram schools in your neighborhood and walk in, talk to their manager about if they need English teachers, that’s how I get bushiban teaching hours.

I’ve heard they’re hurtin’ for teachers in Tamshui… I talked to my friend Teacher Mike about your teaching there, and he said they prefer American accent.

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I met an experienced Australian radio producer last month. They just look at me and find some excuse to rush through the interview and get me out of the building.

He’s been living in Tamshui for a few months (and Taiwan for almost five years), and after completing his contract with a well-known corporate giant, he again started looking for employment in media, teaching or tutoring. Have not really taught children since age 36-37, the time when the (Taiwan) age discrimination really starts kicking in. This is a common problem with older male migrants here in Taiwan — just NO work.

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