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For the average pair of earphones (defined as 139 centimetres in length) this means the probability of a knot spontaneously forming in an enclosed space about the size of your bag is just under 50 per cent.

That’s right, every time you dump your earphones after arriving at school or work there’s a one in two chance you're Raymer and Smith also noted that the Y shape of earphones increases the chance of knotting substantially, with only one end of the wire or cable having to cross another to start off the tumble-weed reaction of a spontaneous tangle.

In addition, the manufacturing approach used to connect individual wires to the connector (e.g., soldering) could be susceptible to bending or other cable movement in particular orientations.

Many electronic cables are constructed from several distinct wires connected to connectors and surrounded by a non-conductive sheath.

To test his theory that string will always form loops he asked schools to conduct experiments, jumbling up regular parcel string to varying lengths and then repeating this process with each string having its ends joined, forming a loop.