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My friends look at pictures of me, and they’re like, ‘You literally don’t age.'” Dooley was also cool enough to share a moment of ridicule she endured while filming the movie’s kissing scene, where she and Lautner shared a smooch: “I kiss Sharkboy on the cheek in the movie, and it was my first on screen kind of kiss on the cheek thing.

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There Taylor Dooley also landed small roles in commercials.

Taylor became close friends with American actress and model Anna Sophia Robb.

You can kiss this wooden pole.’ So he wrapped this wooden pole in green tape, made me say my lines and kiss the wooden pole like it was Taylor. Let’s do this.'” After several takes, Rodriguez instructed Dooley to “really stay there a long time and kiss the pole. I was so into it.” Watch the movie’s kissing scene: Her activities of choice when chilling with her old friend T-Laut all fall under the heading of “being goofballs,” Dooley said, adding that she sees the Twilight star “all the time.” Their similarities, as you may not know, are staggering, and it goes far beyond sharing the same first name. “Taylor’s been trying to get me to read them, but the movies are really good.