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I’m willing to bet there won’t get a “WRU” text any time soon. ” Her question We text like this all the time but he never asks me out.

If you want to test him, send a text asking, “How much do I owe you? Why would he keep up the conversation if he doesn’t want to go out?

Is it weird to Facebook friend someone I just had a one-night-stand with? ’ That’s why He Texted is here, that’s why I’m here. That’s “bad at being a friend or a boyfriend.” I know a guy who’s really “bad at texting.” My dad. And judging by the “WRU” text I got yesterday, he doesn’t know how acronyms work. ” for those of you who don’t use phonetics to put together an acronym.

If I get naked over Skype, will it come back to haunt me during my Presidential campaign? ” Her Question: He never got back to me Saturday night and then I got this Sunday morning. Being “bad at texting” isn’t a person who doesn’t get back to you.

Gone are the days I’d come to your house, speak to your father while he cleaned his gun and promise to have you home before midnight (but after I tried to get that poodle skirt off). To get us started, these are the most common texting dilemmas and some advice on how to handle them... That is being “bad at texting.” He’s bad at texting but that doesn’t change his timing and I’m never left wondering if my dad likes me or not.


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    Typically the problems are with the trackpad, wireless drivers and heat control — The fans on my MBP didn’t want to kick on at the point I’d like them to and Fedora just runs hotter than OSX does for the same workflow.