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Enter in the Setting Id: Run Interval Seconds and in the new Value the number of seconds (3600 is one hour) 5. Open the list of web services again with Foundation/Administration/v3.0/Warehouse Control 2. This can take some time when you have a large database.

Click on Invoke to change the setting You can also choose to refresh the cube once. Select the Process Warehouse web service from the list 3. To check the status of the warehouse update, you can check the Get Processing Status webservice.

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First I thought there was something wrong with permissions on the Reporting Services site because I also applied a certificate to offer accessibility via https, but that wasn’t it. A sign to look further into the details of the Bug Status report definition and why it couldn’t be correctly uploaded to the Reporting Services site.

After downloading the process template from the Team Project Collection and opening the report with notepad, I knew I was getting closer to the root cause.

Next step was to figure out why the warehouse wasn’t updating.

I peeked into the event log on the TFS server and found the following error in the Application log: TF53010: An unexpected condition has occurred in a Team Foundation component.…Detailed Message: TF50801: The TFSServer Scheduler service did not initialize.

Instead of renaming the existing Data Sources (that would break the existing reports, created from a TFS 2010 Team Project), I duplicated the entries to provide extra Data Sources with the expected names for usage with TFS 2015. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.


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