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Germain (deceased) Paige Mc Cullers Holden Strauss Clark Wilkins Riley Uber A Charlotte Di Laurentis (deceased) Sydney Driscoll Elliott Rollins (deceased) Noel Kahn (deceased) Jenna Marshall Darren Wilden (deceased) Sara Harvey (deceased) Shana Fring (deceased) Meredith Sorenson Connor Andrew Campbell Jackie Molina (formerly; possibly) Lesli Stone (possibly) - Knew her dad was havinroom affair with Meredith (exposed) - The Jenna Thing (exposed to Ezra) - Had an affair with her (former) English teacher (exposed) - Pretended to be 'Anita' (exposed) - Kissed Jason while dating Ezra (exposed) - Pretended to be a candy striper to steal Alison's autopsy report - Was dating Ezra against her parents' wishes (exposed) - Was present the night Alison's body was stolen - Trashed her dad's office with Alison (exposed) - Tried to learn more about Maggie Cutler with Wesley - Pretended to be 'Amy' (exposed to Wesley) - Kissed Wesley while dating his brother - Kissed Ezra while dating Jake - Killed Shana accidentally, in order to save the other girls (exposed to Ezra and the Liars) - Kissed Andrew while dating Ezra (exposed to Emily) - Snuck out with Ezra the night Charlotte was murdered (exposed to the Liars) - Saw Charlotte the night she was murdered (exposed to the Liars) - Slept with Ezra while dating Liam - Buried Elliott Rollins with Emily, Hanna and Spencer (exposed to Alison, Ezra, Mona and Caleb) - Purposefully dismissed "Nicole's" call (exposed to Emily and Ezra) - Had a relationship with Jason (before the five year time jump) - Accepted an editorial position, hoping to cross paths with Ezra again (while dating Liam) - Took the comic Lucas and Charlotte made by demand from A. Ever since, Alison used the affair to keep Aria in line, knowing Aria was asked to keep it a secret.

- Destroy Emily's and Ali's baby room Aria Marie Montgomery is one of the main characters in the Pretty Little Liars television series on Freeform. Aria Montgomery was the artsy and alternative girl in Alison's clique prior to her disappearance, sporting pink streaks in her hair.

Peacenickel / Reshma / Actress / Barbra Streisand / Deborah / Gertie / Guest #2 / Gypsy Woman / Hailey Smith / Hayley Shape-shifting Alien / Infomercial Lady / Jewellery Clerk / Judy Panowitz / Lady Carolyn Gilbert-Lawson / Lisa Collins / Melanie Hanson / Pandora / Roberta / Sheila / Shirley / Steve in Old Lady's Disguise / Tatiana / Waitress Miss Tammy / Barbara / Cheerleader / Nurse / Olivia / Various / 1920s Woman / Amelia Bedelia / Animatronic Irish Woman / Baby Elisabeth Hasselbeck / Beverly / Black Widow / British Woman / Britney Spears / College Girl / Decapitating Nun / Girl #2 in Commercial / Girl #3 / Girl Jumping From the Tree / Girl in Commercial / Girlfriend / Jaimee / Jennifer / Jennifer Love Hewitt / Jill / Joan of Arc / Kate Moss / Katie Griffin / Lois Lane / Luke's Wife / Mad Men Producer / Madonna / Maid Madelaine / Mary Steenburgen / Meg Griffin / Minnie Mouse / Mother of Young Boy / Olivia Fuller / Paula's Friend #2 / Rape Victim / Sonja / Tanya / Teenage Girl / Tracy Flanigan / Woman / Woman in Lab Coat / Woman in Restaurant Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas (TV Movie) (performer: "I'll Believe In You and There Is a Santa Claus", "Sparkejollytwinglejingley", "Nobody Cares About Santa", "A Christmas Song - Reprise", "The Story of Buddy") I don't think that I could have survived in my family without a naughty sense of humor; yeah, absolutely.

I think my brother and I both get our senses of humor from our parents.

Mohammed Alam is the External Affairs Manager at the Midtown Community Court, where he manages social media and assists with community conditions panel meetings, site visits, and partnership development.


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