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It's been interesting seeing the opinions of others though, those that feel they are just out for money with this story.Not sure what kind of money they think they are after, if anything this might hinder them from getting hired by other male directors. The most I can say about the guy is that he is awkward.

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The first text is from Christie's sales catalog of 27 April 1988 when this item was first sold by auction.

The second text and color images are from an Italian auction house where it failed to sell for the astronomic estimate they had put on it some weeks ago.

Yes, though that answer may apply to all LGBTQ people, not just gay people.

LGTBQ people have to deal with being in the closet, as well as being unsure about who they are attracted to.

Michael Sold at auction two years ago, bearing an old inventory label from the famos Vienna Collection of Albert Figdor, early 20th century. Both the obsolete 14th century form of the crossbow illustrated on the lid and that of the tinned iron mounts denote that the casket was actually made at least some 100 years earlier than the date 1524 suggests.