Top ten most intimidating college football stadiums

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You can see the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges from Husky Stadium. Texas, Memorial Stadium Such a wide-open, impressive campus, with the Texas Tower being front and center. The Texas Tower is clearly one of the country's most distinguishing college landmarks. Air Force, Falcon Stadium The stadium is set into the side of the Rampart Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Sight lines are incredible, as is gameday when you witness the flyovers, the cadet march-on, the performing Falcon mascot, the parachuters, and Falcon Fan Fest. Michigan State, Spartan Stadium One of the more underrated campuses in college football.

In compiling our ranking, we have taken into consideration four major categories: on-field success, alumni success, game-day experience, and culture and influence.

Given football’s long history in university life, success on the field can ebb and flow.

Playing an away game in college football can be intimidating as it is.