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I am a very active person I love the outdoors, I love playing beach volleyball in the summer on the beach and skateing in the winter.

My favorite sports are football, soccer, and basketball.

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I am starting to play on an all girls football team this summer in dartmouth and I can not wait!

I love children and enjoy being around them I take my god children every weekend i possibly can. I work as a shipper in a large warehouse and i do hair on the side part time. I am very happy with my jobs and i enjoy going to work everyday.

I am looking for someone who loves to travel, and will help me break out of my shell more.

Someone who loves to sit and read a book or watch TV, but at the same time loves to go out at night and dance!

I am a 32 single, never been married or had children lady who is looking for a kilted piper to sweep her off her feet!! I LOVE F1 RACING, FOOTBALL AND GOLF AND LIKE MOST OTHER SPORTS.