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These new systems are built around plug-and-play, DIY-friendly devices and sensors that work with your smartphone, move when you need them to, and put you in control of how you protect your home, whether you own a five-bedroom townhouse or rent a studio apartment.

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Best for apartment dwellers Icontrol packs a whole suite of home security features into Piper NV, a 180-degree, night-vision-enabled camera, with a siren, a Z-Wave hub and an assortment of security and environmental sensors.

Installing a home security system used to mean spending hundreds of dollars to have professionals come and hardwire your house, signing a long-term contract, then paying huge fees month after month in order to keep the thing running.

Web detect is used when we want to know small details about the devices that are connected to the internet.

For example any router name or the CCTV camera name or the model number. Now fire up Angry IP scanner and enter the IP range. After few seconds when the scanning has finished then it will show information in web detect tab. There are few parameters by which you can recognize your CCTV camera.

This study was part of a paper that she wrote on traffic cameras.