best single parent dating site australia - Updating app config

When you need one of these values, you simply request it from the Configuration Manager and like magic, you have the value at-hand!For example, suppose you are working on a multi-threaded application. But what if your application is critical and should not be stopped, once started? The File Watcher class is designed to watch for changes in a directory.

Updating app config

It's not about respawning, it about scale the number of instances, and no, I can't do this since I can't change the configuration to point to newly assembled assets (or marathon will trigger a full restart which are not acceptable).

To scale the number of instances you use full asset that is already patched.

The combination of these two classes will give you the ability to change things on-the-fly. Lastly, we need to define an event handler which will consume the events raised when the app. Here, we have a simple method that simply refreshes the “app Settings” section whenever the app. //---------------------------------------------------------- // This is the method that handles the event raised when // the App.config file is changed //---------------------------------------------------------- void watcher_Changed(object sender, File System Event Args e) And that’s it.

When you update the app.config file, the File Watcher detects a change.

Every task has it's version info attached, some sign of "this task is not running on current version" on UI will do the work.