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I am trying to create a new user in IBM Domino v9.0. The IBM Domino installation I have made on amazon ec2-instance, and i am trying to run a java code to create new user locally in IBM Domino.

While creating user I am getting the following error.

Hi All, These guys ( are door knocking in our area this evening with claims of saving on heating and cooling costs... but can anyone share their views on: 1) The effectiveness (or not) or roof venting.2) Any experience with this company or their kiwi parent (HRV) Thanks in advance, Anthony..

Hi, I looked into 'Ventis' a while back but decided their system wasn't all that great and decided to purchase a 'Smart-Breeze' instead.

Caused by: Notes Exception: Notes error: You are not allowed to update the certifier log (Reddy).