Updating etch to lenny

To fix, you must update your scripts so they no longer link to such libraries as these.

Updating etch to lenny

- If all else fails, Reset PS will get you back into a sane state.

Just make sure to back up any files you've added outside /home, as resetting your PS Ah, so much nicer!

They are update 7 on sun-java6, even older than update 12 which is the one in the Lenny packages repository.

This is no doubt the reason why they are not listed in I am still working on the basic problem -- how to incorporate in the alternatives system a sun-java6 newer than update 13 which is what I need; the current update on the Sun website is 19.

I wasn't sure that it would work, but it rebooted nicely enough and I was able to sign it no problem.


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