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All the info can be found here While we are on the Touch FLO 3D subject, the latest 2.5 version has been ported to VGA resolution device like the HTC Diamond and Touch Pro.

That's an image of the latest version of HTC's Touch Flo 3D, destined for inclusion on the company's next Windows Mobile smartphone -- likely the fabled Leo we've been hearing about oh so much over the past few days.

Apparently there is a ROM Update (3.14) out there in the wild that comes in the form of a ruu, which I guess makes it official and not a custom ROM (right? The brave souls who have tried out this update are noticing an increase in performance as well as an upgraded radio and core.

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The specifications sheet released turned out to be true when the HD2 was launched, with the exception of the listed 320MB of RAM, compared to the final 576MB (448MB available to user) of RAM.

It is the first smartphone with a 4.3-inch touchscreen, the first Windows Mobile 6.5 phone with a multitouch capacitive screen and HTC Sense, and the second smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (the first being the Toshiba TG01).

In case you were wondering, no new SPL is installed, Hard SPL isn’t removed and Android will still run on it (if you went that route). If you are brave, hit up the download link and have at it or head to the forums for questions and comments.

(Seriously though, the forums are awesome, you should check them out).

Developer Da_G sums it up quite nicely in saying that “THIS IS EXTREMELY BETA.