chat room dating secrets - Updating indexes and data on smileys unsuccessful

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It doesn't know where you last upgraded to and tries to create the same table again. Cheers, Ghada 26 September 2016, PM Hi, 16.04.4 doesn't seem to have been released yet, so I'll need to do 16.04.3 for now, as currently my Mahara is just sitting there unusable.

I think I've resolved the block_instance problem, by removing the UNIQUE index before I do the upgrade, but then it just fails on something else (see the error log posted previously).

Using the available indexes may not always be the most efficient plan.

For example, if 95% of the values for a column are the same, an index scan will probably be more efficient than using the index on that column.

The figure below shows a Solr configuration using index replication.