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Recovery mode is deactivated once the restore process has completed.

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The work colleague in question had a stock O2 i Phone 4 that he’d backed up before telling i Tunes it was okay to go ahead and update to the latest (4.0.1) i OS software. After waiting over an hour for the i Phone to progress beyond a screen showing “Preparing i Phone” he gave up and hard rebooted his device. When he did so, the “connect to i Tunes” screen was displayed on his handset and no matter what he did, i Tunes would then attempt to fully restore the handset but would fail to do so displaying error 3014.

We know that i Tunes error numbers in the 3000s are to do with communication failing or time outs. We replaced the sync cable, swapped USB ports and tried all the various solutions offered by Google, but in the end, we managed to get the handset up and running by doing the following: *=We ensured that we were connecting the i Phone to our computer directly and not via any kind of USB hub **=Shift clicking is a Windows process. On a Mac you would hold down your “option” key and click restore ***=This list i OS 4.0.1 firmware is for the i Phone 4 only.

*** If you’re getting i Tunes error 3194 with the latest firmware (Signed i OS) then simply remove the Cydia’s SHSH server IP, if it’s already in the Hosts file. You can do this either by using Tiny Umbrella or you can also manually edit the hosts file. To add Cydia’s SHSH Caching Server to the Hosts file: Download Tiny Umbrella; Launch Tiny Umbrella, go to the “Advanced” tab and check “Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit”; Click on “Apply Changes” and then reboot your PC/Mac.


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