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These commands are available in both simulator and robust consoles.(please back up your region before using any of these commands and be aware of possible floating point errors the more they are used.) These currently only exist in git master Open Simulator development code post the 0.7.2 release.

updating opensim-62updating opensim-23updating opensim-83

if (typeof RW === 'undefined') // Should not be used - but kept for third parties.

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Open and config-include/*.ini) and any region configuration files.

SEE Discussion at Talk: Upgrading for examples of How-To Back Up & Restore your system PRIOR to ANY Migration or Upgrade! Build the latest version from source (or download the binaries) 2. Copy the following files from the old \bin to the new \bin - All *files - The file 4.

Many thanks to Roxie Marten and Celene Highwater for writing the guide.