Updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing Webcam chat with no email require

Example: git checkout -b Thank you for your interest in this question.

updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing-87

Updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing

From the git-tag documentation: "If somebody got a release tag from you, you cannot just change the tag for them by updating your own one.

This is a big security issue, in that people MUST be able to trust their tag-names.

The former simply results in "new (next fetch will store in remotes/origin)" displaying in a column visible via git remote show origin.

After having tried most of what I could read in this thread without success, I stumbled across this one: Remote branch not showing up in "git branch -r" It turned out that my .git/config file was incorrect. Going from Not sure if this is helpful or exactly relevant to your question, but if you are trying to fetch and checkout only a single branch from the remote repository, then the following git commands will do the trick: Note: moving to "origin/rework-isscoring" which isn't a local branch If you want to create a new branch from this checkout, you may do so (now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again.

Any idea why sometimes do I get branches pointing to and old deploy?


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